How to Block Ecobank ATM Card

How to Block Ecobank Card
How to Block Ecobank Card

Lost Your Ecobank Card? Here's How to Block It Quickly (and Stay Safe)

Let's face it, losing your debit card can be a real heart-stopper. Whether it slipped out of your wallet at a party or vanished on an outing, the first thing you need to do is block it to prevent unauthorized transactions. But with Ecobank, blocking your card is easy! In this post, we'll guide you through the various methods to secure your account and get you back to peace of mind, fast.

Why Blocking Your Ecobank Card is Crucial

Think of your ATM card as your key to your hard-earned cash. If someone gets their hands on it, they could potentially drain your account. Blocking your card instantly revokes that access, putting a stop to any fraudulent activity. Remember, a blocked card cannot be unblocked as you will be required to visit the nearest Ecobank branch to request for a new card. But hey, a new card is a small price to pay for keeping your money safe!

Ecobank Security: Offers Several Ways to Block Your Debit Card

Ecobank offers multiple ways to block your card, ensuring you have options no matter the situation. Here's your action plan:

Methods of blocking Ecobank Card

  • Dail *326*911*2*Your registered phone number# on any phone line.
  • Chat with Rafiki - Ecobank Customer Care Executive on Ecobank website or via your Ecobank Mobile App
  • Inbox the Ecobank Social Media Handle
  • Call the Ecobank Customer Care Line 0700 500 0000
  • Chat with Ecobank on Whatsapp via  (234) 808 760 3717
  • Send a mail to [email protected]
  • Visit Nearest Ecobank Branch

Block Your Ecobank Card Using USSD Code

This method is perfect if you're short on time or internet access. Simply dial *326*911*2*Your registered phone number# on any mobile phone. Just like that, your card is blocked!

Chat with Rafiki, Your Virtual Assistant

Ecobank's virtual assistant, Rafiki, is here to help! Head over to the Ecobank website ( or open your Ecobank Mobile App and chat with Rafiki to request a card block. It's fast, convenient, and keeps you informed throughout the process.

Social Media Savvy? We Got You Covered:

Ecobank is active on social media! Send a direct message to their official handle explaining your situation and requesting a card block. Their social media team is responsive and will guide you through the process.

Need to Speak to a Real Person? No Problem!

Pick up the phone and dial Ecobank's Customer Care Line at 0700 500 0000. A friendly customer service representative will be happy to assist you with blocking your card and answer any questions you may have.

WhatsApp for the Win!

Ecobank keeps up with the times! You can also block your card through WhatsApp by sending a message to (234) 808 760 3717. It's a quick and convenient option for those who prefer WhatsApp communication.

Feeling Old-School? Email Works Too!

For those who prefer a more traditional approach, you can send an email requesting a card block to [email protected]. Be sure to include all your relevant account information for faster processing.

The Final Step: Visit Your Nearest Branch

Once you've blocked your card, it's recommended to visit your nearest Ecobank branch to request a new one. This way, you can continue enjoying all the benefits of your Ecobank card without any worries.

Security Tip: Ecobank Never Asks for Your Personal Information

Remember, Ecobank will never call you, send you an SMS, or email requesting your account details, PIN code, full card number, CVV code, or OTP (One-Time Password). These are all red flags for a potential scam. Never click on suspicious links or share your personal information.

By following these steps and staying vigilant, you can ensure the safety of your Ecobank account. Now go forth, conquer your day, and remember – Ecobank is with you every step of the way!

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