*737# GTBank USSD Code for Balance, Airtime, Transfer

GTBank USSD Code


The Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) popularly called GTBank has made banking more convenient for many Nigerians by implementing the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code, which allows consumers to conduct some basic banking transactions using their mobile devices.

The Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) has simplified banking for many Nigerians by adopting the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code, which allows its customers to perform certain basic banking activities using their mobile devices.

In this section, we will discuss the GTB USSD code and how to use the bank code to conduct various banking transactions from your GTB account.

No data or internet connection is required to use the GTBank USSD code. You'll only need a phone with a SIM card to dial the USSD code.

What is the GTBank USSD code and how do I use it?

First and foremost, you must check that the phone number you are about to use is linked to your GTB account before using the GTB USSD code.

*737# is the USSD code for Guaranty Trust Bank, GTB. You can use this GTBank USSD code to do a variety of banking transactions, including financial transfers, checking your GTB account balance, bill payment, and airtime and data top-up.

Its *737# is one of the marketed banking code in the country. Dial *737# to get started with the GTB USSD code.

The GTB USSD code feature has the advantage of providing you with more versatility.

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How to use the GTBank USSD banking Code *737#

There are several ways to use the GTBank USSD code (*737#), depending on the financial procedure or transaction you want to initiate.

GTBank USSD Short Code

GTBank Code For Transfer

  • GTbank to Gtbank: To transfer from a GTBank account to another GTBank account. Dial #your GTB USSD code*1*amount*the NUBAN account no# (e.g. *737*1*5000*0987653412#) to transfer funds from one GTBank account to another.
  • GTbank to Other Bank: To transfer money from your GTBank account to another bank, follow these steps: Dial *your GTB USSD code*2*amount*the NUBAN account no# (for example, *737*2*5000*309777198#).

GTBank Code to Buy Airtime

To recharge your mobile line or buy airtime for a friend or family directly from your GTBank account, here are the GTbank short codes to use:

  • Buy airtime for yourself:  To purchase airtime for your line directly from your GTBank account, Dial the GTB USSD code*airtime amount# (for example, *737*500# is the code to recharge your line with five hundred naira airtime).
  • Buy airtime for others: To buy airtime for others, be it a friend or family member, simply dial the GTB USSD code*amount*recipients phone number# (e.g. *737*500*08169497771#) to send airtime to another line.

Access Bank USSD Transfer Code *901#

GTBank Code to Check your Account Balance

To check your account balance using your phone without Internet connection, simply dial *737# and then follow the onscreen instructions to your GTB account balance.

A simple short code you can also use to check your GTBank account balance is *737*0# which costs N10.

What are the advantages of adopting the GTBank USSD Code?

Because it requires no specific knowledge or ability, the GTBank USSD code provides a quick and convenient way to conduct bank transactions even while on the road.

It also makes no difference what sort of phone you use to initiate the transaction as long as you dial the code from the line that is connected to your Guaranty Trust Bank account.

Here are the advantages of using the USSD services of GTBank for GTBank customers.

  • Banking service that is quick and efficient: *737# makes banking easy, fast and convenient. 
  • Get immediate value
  • Improved cash flow management
  • Banking can be done in a simple, inexpensive, and uncomplicated manner.
  • It can be used on any phone.
  • There is no need for a data or internet connection to complete this task.

To pay your electricity bills, use the GT BANK USSD code. Using GT Bank's renowned USSD code, you may now pay your Buy Electricity bill.

GTBank USSD Code for DSTV, and other Utility Bills Payment

To pay from the convenience of your own home, dial *737*50*amount*station code#, for example *737*50*7500*95#.

Ecobank USSD Transfer Code - *326#

GT Bank USSD Code for Electricity Bill (PHCN or NEPA) Payment

Prepaid in Port Harcourt: dial *737*50*Amount*95#

Postpaid in Port Harcourt: dial *737*50*Amount*96#

Dial *737*50*Amount*151# for Eko Prepaid.

Dial *737*50*Amount*152# for Eko Postpaid.

Prepaid in Ibadan: dial *737*50*Amount*137#

Dial *737*50*Amount*93# for Kano Prepaid.

Dial *737*50*Amount*94# for Kano Postpaid.

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