MTN Beep - Make a Call with Zero Balance

MTN Beep
MTN Beep

Are you out of airtime but need to reachout to your loved ones? Okay, may be you need someone to call you back but he/she does not check their messages often?

For the latter, it's waste of time to send a "call me back" message because they might not see that message to even call back. Well, MTN Nigeria got you covered. You can drop them a missed call even with a zero balance. Yes, you read that right. You can Make the call with Zero balance using the MTN Beep service.

Hmm, I know by now, you would be asking questions like "Am I qualified for this service?", "How do I opt-in for this service?", "How much does the service cost?"

Who is Qualified for the MTN Beep Service?

MTN Nigeria seems to be generous on this. Well, may be not so generous as the other person would be calling you back on their airtime. It's just a way for MTNN to make more money. 

Every MTN Nigeria users are Qualified for this service. It doesn't matter what plan you're on or how long you've been using your MTN line. This service is for both new and old users. 

How Much Does The MTN Beep Service Cost?

Money comes first for most Nigerians. We're very sensitive to cost. Always looking for freebies when nothing is actually free — Someone is paying for it. Well, for MTN Beep, it is at no cost to anyone. Just like you're not charged when you flash or drop someone a missed call. You won't be charged for the service. However, when the other person calls back. S/He is charged for that call. So either way MTN is making money or rather you're helping MTN make more money while they satisfy your need. Especially in urgent situations while you're out of airtime. 

Ok, onto the question that must have been burging you. "How to opt-in or subscribe for the service?" But before I answer that. Let's dive into the importance of the service. 

Importance of MTN Beep and How it Save Lives

Someone here said she hates to run out of airtime. Well, nobody likes that but sapa happens — that state when you don't even have last card to sacrifice for airtime yet need to urgently reachout to someone or notify them that sapa is dealing with you but you're still alive.

There are so many situations you might find yourself and you will need to drop someone a missed call. It helps reachout to loved ones in timesnof emergencies. 

Serves as notification of your presence or readiness. Especially, when waiting for the ladies to dress up. It's just another call me back this time not a sms but with a call. Just think of any situtaion that might require you to trigger a call or drop someone a missed call. MTN Beep is at your rescue. 

How to opt-in for MTN Beep

First, all Nigerian MTN users are eligible for this service at no cost. But is there a code to subscribe for the service? The answer is no. All you need to do is just make the call even on low airtime. Do not mind the "I too know" lady who tells you your airtime is too low and your call can't be comepleted. Her aproko too much. But that's what she's paid to do shaa oo. 

Ignore the voice notification and continue to make your call. The recipient will be beeped. 

I hope you find this post useful. Kindly drop me some nice words in comment section below. God bless you. 

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  1. I tried to call and it didn’t drop a beep