How To Connect Oraimo Smart Watch To Phone [ iPhone and Android ]

Connect Oraimo Smart Watch to Phone
Connect Oraimo Smart Watch to Phone (Android and IPhone)

If you've just got your Oraimo smart watch. Lucky you! Oraimo smart watches are one of the cheapest in the market with amazing features and strong battery life with some lasting as long as 15 days with just two hours of charging. Oraimo smart watch comes with a strap, a charger and user manual/guide and you will need to download and register on Joywear 2 app to connect it to your iPhone or android phone.

Features of Oraimo Smart Watch

Oraimo smart watches have amazing features similar to some the the top smart watches in the world e.g. Apple's iWatch series and Samsung Galaxy watch. The good thing is that Oraimo smart watches are compatible with both iOS for iPhone users and Android phones. Some of these features also include:

  • Long battery life: Oraimo smart watches can last as long as 15days when fully charged while charging only takes a couple of hours.
  • Water proof: Most of Oraimo smart watches are water and dust resistant. I personally tested both the Tempo and IPS for waterproof and they both are still working very fine. 
  • Health tracker/Heart rate monitor: The smart watches measure heart beats (bpm) which also vibrate when heart rate is abnormal.
  • Walk or Run Steps Count and : This feature tracks your steps, distance and active minutes when walking or running. The WHO recommends 8000 steps.
  • Calories Measurement: The smart watch also measures the calories burned during your workout.
  • Track Sleep Hours
  • Cool Screen Designs: You have thousands of screen dials to choose from and you can also set your own images as the screen dial. 
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • App support [joywear 2]: The JoyWear 2 app helps you connect your watch to your phone using bluetooth and location GPS. 
  • Notification alert: The watch vibrates when you have messages and you can also read and delete messages. 
  • Find your phone/smartwatch support: This feature helps you find your phone when connect with the watch. 
  • Menstrual circle support for women on the joywear 2 app.
  • Stopwatch and Timer.
  • Music player: The watch help controls your music player when you don't have your phone near you.
  • Sedentary reminder: the watch reminds you when you forgot to exercise or sit for too long. 

Oraimo Smart Watch Types and Prices

Oraimo Smart Watch Price
Oraimo Smart Watch Price

Oraimo Watch 1.69'' IPS Screen IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch - ₦16,900.00

Oraimo Tempo-W3 Smart Watch - Online Exclusive - ₦19,500.00

Oraimo Tempo-S IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch - ₦13,200.00

Where to Buy Your Oraimo Smart Watch at the Cheapest Price

You can get your Oraimo smart watch from their online store or any gadget store in your area. To buy online, kindly visit the official store for Nigerian customers at 

They are offer free delivery to Lagos, Abuja, Ebonyi, Ogun, Oyo, Rivers for transactions above ₦10,000.

To buy any of the smart watches, go to; select the product of interest; click on the plus button to add more quantities and add to cart. Click on "Buy it now" if that's the only product you want to buy or "continue shopping" for more products. Once you're done with shopping, click on "Proceed to checkout"; Enter your contact information and shipping address and continue shipping to make payment.

The product is usually delivered within a week with no delivery fee for selected states like Lagos and Abuja as mentioned above.

How To Connect Oraimo Smart Watch to Your Phone Using JoyWear 2 App

How To Connect Oraimo Smart Watch to Phone
How To Connect Oraimo Smart Watch to Phone

To connect your smart watch to your phone, you will need to download and register on the JoyWear 2 App. The app is available on both Google's Playstore and Apple's Appstore for android and iPhone users respectively.

The steps to setup and connect your Joywear 2 app to your phone are:

  • Go to Google Playstore or Apple App store to download and install the Joywear 2 app. You can use the following link to download the Joywear app on PlayStore - JoyWear 2 App
  • Open the Joywear 2 app
  • Click on the "Register" and register with your phone number, email or Facebook.
  • If you're registering with phone number or email, a four digit captcha code would be sent to you.
  • Fill in the code send to your phone number of email in the catcha field.
  • Click on register to complete registration.
  • Allow permissions which include background, location and Bluetooth permissions.
  • Tap on the "device" button below the screen to search your smart watch.
  • Select your smart watch to connect
  • Update firmware to the newest version
  • Check your smart watch screen for the connection icon.
  • If not stroked and shown as above. You have successfully connected your smart watch to your phone.
How To Navigate/Operate Your Oraimo Smart Watch
I know most people struggle with navigating or operating smart watch when using it for the first time but Nigerians don't read the manual, user guide or instruction of use. That's who we are but I will just drop a few simple tips to operating your new Oraimo smart watch. Here is how the touch controls works:
  • The side button returns you to previous options and helps lights the screen (double taps can also help here)
  • Swipe down to navigate to  Alarm, Settings, brightness and search.
  • Swipe up to view and delete social media and SMS notifications
  • Swipe right to view work out, fitness status (steps, calories and distance), heart rate, sleep, weather, music, message and more (Stopwatch, Timer, Flashlight, Find phones) and install (Dial to change screen display, brightness, about, shutdown and restore factory) 
  • Swipe left to view the main menu.
Enjoy your Oraimo smart watch and it amazing features. Make sure to drop a comment for us below. 

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