How to Create Community on Twitter Communities

Twitter Community
Twitter Community 

Twitter announced it will be launching its communities feature on September 8th 2021 through it's @HiCommunities handle.

Imagine an alternate timeline where everyone just gets you. Say hi to Communities—the place⁹ to connect with people who Tweet like you. testing now on iOS and web, Android soon!

 What is Twitter Community

Twitter Communities can be liken to Facebook groups where you can create a group and invite friends to join and contribute to the group. You as an admin can make some members of the community moderators of the community. 

How Twitter Communities Work

Communities are created and self-moderated by people on Twitter...maybe even you! Like if you’re passionate about birds of the Southern Hemisphere or soup, you could start a Community for that in the future.

Communities are invite-only (also for now!) but admins and moderators have unlimited invites and members have 5 invites per Community (again, for now!) that are sent via DM so choose wisely. 

When you join a Community, you’ll see an option in the Tweet composer to Tweet to that Community vs. your followers. 

Those Tweets will show up in the Community and on your timeline (if you’re a member!) HOWEVER, Communities are not private—they can be seen by anyone on Twitter, but only members can participate within the Community.

How to join a Twitter Community 

To join a Twitter Community, you will need to be invited by the admin, moderator or any member of the community. After joining the community, please make sure to read what the Community is about and the rules and regulations carefully to avoid been banned or restricted. 

Who can join a Twitter Community 

Anyone with a public account can join a Community through invite from a member, moderator or admin. Click on the Join button after which you will be taken to the community's rules. Read the rules and tap the Agree and Join button to be a member. As a member, you can also invite 5 other people to join the community while admin and moderators can add unlimited number of people to the community. 

How to Leave a Twitter Community 

If you're mistakenly joined a Community you're not interested in and would like to leave, you can simple click on the Joined button in the Community and select Leave.

Who can Create a Twitter Community?

The eligibility criteria for creating your own Twitter Community include:

  • Twitter account must be public (not protected; if an account gets switched to protected, it will lose moderator privileges)
  • Twitter account must be at least six months old.
  • Twitter account must have verified either an email address or a phone number.
  • Twitter account must not violate, or have a history of violating, the Twitter Terms of Service.

How to Create your Twitter Community 

Are you looking to start your own Community?

Would you like to create and moderate your own Community on Twitter?

Tap the link below to fill the Community interest form and submit. The required information to be filled include: your Twitter username, email and what your Community would be focused on and the kind of people most likely to join your community.

You can read more on the Twitter Communities feature using this link here 

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