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Do you know what prefix your phone number begins with? See all MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, NTEL, and other Nigerian mobile phone number prefixes.

Are you trying to send a bulk SMS targeted at your customers who use different mobile networl and needs to sort your list of customers phone numbers by their network provider? 

 Here, I have got you covered! I am going to be sharing all the prefixes Nigerian Mobile Phones start with. But first, you might have your phone numbers in different format and unclean form.

Do you have your numbers in different formats? with some starting with 234, some just the first zero e.g. 0705 or some don't even have the first zero e.g 8065432341. have got you covered. As you already phone numbers are usually ten in number without the first zero. 

To clean your data, if you have it on an excel sheet on a single column, simply type =CONCATENATE(234,RIGHT(A2,10)) on the cell beside your first number. This will add 234 to the last 10 digits of your numbers. 

Ok, now let's dive into the main topic of discussion. The prefixes of Mobile Phone Numbers in Nigeria. Be it MTN, GLO, Airtel, 9Mobile or others. We will be discussing what each network starts with.

Prefixes to phone numbers are notoriously difficult to decipher. The days of having only 0803, 0802, 0805, and 0809 numbers are long gone. Nigeria is so crowded that the basic figures can't possibly include the entire population. 

Have you ever tried to figure out who the carrier of a phone number is? When you need to reach a certain carrier on the same network, numbers like the ones shown below might be rather annoying. As of the time of writing, I've included a list of all Nigerian mobile phone number prefixes... However, any new number prefix must be added to the database on a regular basis.

Please NOTE! Since the implementation of Mobile Number Portability in Nigeria in 2013, the number prefix can no longer be used to reliably determine the operator.

The Mobile Number Portability plan allows you to switch networks without having to change your phone number.

So, without further ado, let's jump right into this article. Prefixes for your mobile phone numbers can be seen in the table below.

Number Prefixes of Nigeria's Major Mobile Network Provider

What MTN Nigeria Numbers Start With
Prefix With Nigeria Country Code
   MTN Number Format
0803 234803     +234-0803xxxxxxx
0806 234806
0814 234814     +234-0814xxxxxxx
0810 234810     +234-0810xxxxxxx
0813 234813     +234-0813xxxxxxx
0814 234814     +234-0814xxxxxxx
0816 234816     +234-0816xxxxxxx
0703 234703    +234-0703xxxxxxx
0706 234706     +234-0706xxxxxxx
0903 234903     +234-0903xxxxxxx
0906 234906     +234-0906xxxxxxx

 What 9mobile (Etisalat) Numbers Begin with


List of 9mobile (Etisalat) Number Prefix
PrefixWith Naija CodeFull Format

 Here is the list of what Airtel numbers start with.

List of Airtel Number Prefix
Prefix Country Code Full Format
0802 234802 +234-0802xxxxxxx
0808 234808 +234-0808xxxxxxx
0812 234812 +234-0812xxxxxxx
0708 234708 +234-0708xxxxxxx
0701 234701 +234-0701xxxxxxx
0902 234902 +234-0902xxxxxxx
0901 234901 +234-0901xxxxxxx
0907 234907 +234-0907xxxxxxx

Here is the List of Glo Numbers Prefix (Starts With)

List of GLO Number Prefix
Prefix Country Code Full Format
0805 234805 +234-0805xxxxxxx
0807 234807 +234-0807xxxxxxx
0811 234811 +234-0811xxxxxxx
0815 234815 +234-0815xxxxxxx
0705 234705 +234-0705xxxxxxx
0905 234905 +234-0905xxxxxxx

List of VISAFONE Number Prefix
Prefix Country Code Full Format
07025 2347024 +234-07025xxxxxx
07026 2347026 +234-07026xxxxxx
0704 234704 +234-0704xxxxxxx
List of MULTILINKS Number Prefix
0709 234709 +234-0709xxxxxxx
List of NTEL Number Prefix
0804 234804 +234-0804xxxxxxx
List of SMILE Number Prefix
0702 234702 +234-0702xxxxxxx


Thank you for visiting; if you have any new numbers that aren't listed here, please let us know in the comments section.


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