Fletro Pro v6.0 Blogger Responsive Template Free Download

Fletro 6.0 Blogger Template

Are you currently working on your blogger hosted blog and needs a responsive, mobile and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly blogger template to help drive visits to your blog and give your visitors the best experience?

If yes, congratulations! You are on the right page to help you finish up the design of your Blogspot website. Here I will be sharing one of the top Blogger template out there to make your blog look professional and elegant. 

Oh! May be you know of cool and amazing blogger templates already. May be you have done your assignments with the help of Google and you have discovered some responsive, mobile friendly and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) supported templates through ColorLib or ThemeForest which are some of the top Blogger templates and WordPress themes ecommerce platforms. Weldone! You're good to go. 

Oops! You need to pay to get the template of choice but you are on a tight budget. 

Don't worry, we've got you covered. We will appreciate it of ou could follow us on our social media pages too. 

Ok, straight to the main topic. Here we will be giving you one of the best blogger template in 2021 for FREE. I mean totally FREEE! at no cent nor kobo. Thanks to our sponsors and the template developers. 

Fletro Pro v6.0 Premium Blogger Template

Fletro is a blogger template that was created with mobile users in mind. From the features to the template layout, everything has been designed to be modern and elegant. This template has also been made more user friendly, with the layout of each element being neatly organized and not disrupting the comfort of blog visitors.

To appreciate this Fletro Pro v6.0 Blogger Template, quickly have a view using the link below.


The template is mobile first, responsive, easy to customize, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) friendly, has cross browser compatibility, ads optimization, and fast loading. 

Features of Fletro v6.0 Blogger Template 

Blogger template that is responsive and created with user experience in mind for a better reading experience. Below are some of the features that made the template my favorite blogger template in 2021. 

1. Search Engine (SEO) Friendly 

This template is optimized for search engines. Your content and blog articles are shown in a professional manner. All SEO schema markup code is used in this template. Search engines make it simple to find your website and information.

It improved the ranking of your website in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In search engine results, more and more content informative results are appearing.

2. Dark Mode and Light Mode (toggling between the moon and sunshine icons)

This template includes a Dark mode that allows you to adjust the color scheme of your website's interface. In the dark view, you may quickly change the color of the backdrop, text, and icons.

When you click on the moon icon, a dark theme appears, and when you click on the sun icon, a light theme appears.

3. Tool for social media sharing

It is able to deliver Social sharing tools appear, allowing you to share your blog item without having to use a third-party addon. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube are just a few of the prominent social networking platforms it offers.

You can also copy the article URL and distribute it to others via email.

4. Flexible Grid mode for better user experience 

Auto Grid layout system in Fletro Pro v6.0. You may quickly switch to grid format for your blog entries this way. The data from your cache is saved locally. As a result, when you refresh the page, your layout remains unchanged.

5. Meta tags for SEO

For your blogger template, Fletro Pro v6.0 includes complete SEO meta text. Title, description, keyboard, and picture meta tags are just some of the SEO meta tags available.

These SEO meta tags make it simple to rank articles, photos, and goods on your website. Others, such as your organization's Schema markup code, a Twitter card, and blog posting, are examples.

6. AbSence friendly blogger template for monetization 

Fletro pro v6.0 is ad-friendly. You do not need to manually add code to your website HTML because this template supports Google auto advertisements. Your adverts appear in the sidebar portion of this template's Top of Features posts.

7. Customizable with ease

The template has been made easy to update by allowing you to adjust the colors directly from the Blogger Theme Designer or Layout menu wit the availability of SVG Icons, Custom Widget, and Primary Color Option.

8. Optimized for speed - Fast Loading

The template was created with performance has a primary focus; sites that function effectively have numerous advantages and have a higher chance of appearing on the first page of search results. With Fletro v6.0, be test assured that our blog will have less than one second to load, be optimized for search and designed to be Fast.

Download Fletro Pro v6.0 Premium Blogger Template for Free

To download this amazing template for free, kindly user the download link button below. 

Download | Demo

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