Celebrity Developers to Follow on Twitter

Celebrity Developers on twitter
Celebrity Developers on Twitter

Are you a Nigerian, an aspiring tech bro, learning how to code and would like to join the Nigeria Tech community? Well, we've got you covered. At code.ng, we share useful resources and tips on how to transition into tech. In this article, we will be dishing out the Twitter celebrity developers every up and coming developer, or programmer should follow.

0. @CodeDotNG on Twitter 

code.ng on Twitter
code.ng on Twitter

Hey! We are the first element in the array of celebrity developers to follow on twitter for every budding developer. Why? because we share amazing opportunities, tips and stories to motivate you and get you going. This is no jokes. Kindly follow us on twitter for more.

Quincy Larson of FreeCodeCamp @ossia

Quincy Larson of FreeCodeCamp
Quincy Larson's twitter page

As an upcoming developer with interest in Frontend, you must have come across FreeCodeCamp. yes! the popular space to learn coding for free. It's no news that the big boss there is our number one person on this list. Larson has over 250 thousand followers on twitter and his tweets are usually garnished with lots of opportunities for developers and technical writers. 

Danny Thompson @DThompsonDev

Danny Thompson

Talk of Twitter's top developers advocate, Thompson's tweets are always flowing with opportunities and motivating on never to quit the hard work of learning how to talk to computers. The taste of the pudding is in the taste, checkout his tweets to confirm these facts.

Akintunde Sultan @HackSultan

Akintunde Sultan HackSultan
Akintunde Sultan HackSultan

We cant's talk of tech influencers and not mention our masked man and Tech Twitter minutes keeper and author of the weekly newsletter "Not The Boring Tech Stuff". Akintunde has been mentor to thousands of Naija Tech bros and a philanthropist at that matter always doing laptops give aways. 

I have a dream that one day I will personally unmask HackSultan

Ada Nduka Oyom @Kolokodess

Ada Nduka Oyom Kolokodess
Ada Nduka Oyom Kolokodess

Here is the Microbiologist turned Tech Sis. co-founder of SheCodeAfrica and Open Source Africa. Ada has been helping developers in Nigeria and Africa since day 1. Having been a Lead, Google Developer Group and DevRel at the Switch and now doing her amazing job at Google. She has continuously breed so many Tech Sis and inspired thousands of Tech Bros. 

Adora Nwodo @AdoraNwodo

Adora Nwodo
Adora Nwodo

Yes, everyone Adores Her. She is just so Adorable. 

Angie Jones @techgirl1908

Angie Jones
Angie Jones

Talk of Java Angel... oh! sorry Angie, she's a Java champion. A true definition of Tech Sis. 

We don't know it all and would love to have your mentions in the comment section. Our promise is that we will do normal to add them to this list. 

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