Is Abeg App Nigeria's Cash App?

 Abeg App offers amazing way to send and receive money from friends and loved ones. 

Abeg App Nigeria Cash App

What Inspired Abeg App?

Cash app was a popular p2p app among Nigerian youths but there's location restrictions on the app. Nigerians in Nigeria were unable to use the app due to this restriction, hence the need to have Naija version of Cash App.

There was even a hit song by Bella Smurda titled "Cash App" 

Victor Osaretin Asemota tweeted 30th Dec 2018 "I think one should an app in Nigeria similar to Cash app and call it Abeg App. Bambiala culture is international."

Abeg App Founders 

The App was founded by two young amazing guys, Muiz and Dare. Two friends who are into tech with ine been a software developer and the other a designer.

Following the above tweet, Dare Adekoya and his friend, Muheez Akanni swing into action to register the domain name and launched the beta same year. 

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