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Hey guys, it has been a while.
You are about to read another helpful guide on what to learn first on your  journey into Web Development.

So, the first Web technology you want learn is: 


While almost everyone of you might know this, most of you may not actually know why you should learn this.

HTML which means HyperText Markup Language is used to define and these days describe the content of web pages. It's very easy to learn but one problem I see is beginners trying to master everything about HTML in their first time of encountering it. 

And also, another problem is that some beginners tend to jump into other web technologies and later forgetting to learn enough about it. You really want to pay attention and master the fundamentals.

HTML is more than what you think it is.
Reading some books,watching a video or going through some tutorials from websites or app won't make you know the whole of the Markup Language. These mediums will only introduce you to the Markup Language.

The latest version of the Markup Language is HTML5.

While this is not recommended for absolute beginners (you ought to have read a book or at least taken a tutorial before going for this), mastering HTML requires you to read its Documentation.

As a beginner learning HTML, you should pay attention to:

✔️ HTML5
✔️ The Content Model.
✔️ Semantic structure.
✔️ Form and all related elements.
✔️ Code Readability.
✔️ Element Combination.
✔️ Graphicals.
✔️ DOM API and other related API
✔️ The Server to Client Architecture
✔️ Data Communication.
✔️ And how the browser interprets HTML.

Learning these fundamentals and not skipping them will improve your productivity with the Markup Language.

Tip: Try to use only HTML to build small projects.

The next web technology you're to learn is:


This web technology which was introduced into the web in HTML 4.0 by the World Web Web Corsetium (W3C) is used to define the layout or beauty of a web page. Without it, a website is just a bunch of text.

CSS means Cascading Style Sheet and its latest version is CSS3.

Mastering CSS is not easy.
It's color combinations and properties usage will require your time and effort, yet, it holds the key to the beauty of a web page.

Writing CSS is easy but it requires you to think innovatively and creatively.
It holds key to flexibility and responsive web design. 

Note: If you want to focus on the User Interface/User Experience(UI/UX) design which is formally known as Frontend Development or Engineering, you should spend enough time learning CSS. You're going to use it all your life.

If your focus is not on frontend development, if you have other goals, don't spend all your time learning CSS but be sure to be good at it.

Your CSS designs will only improve with time and efforts. Time spent learning CSS is gainful. Beautiful designs always inspire and motivate web developers and also their clients 🤩.

When a client sees a beautiful design, they're easily moved🤗.

The next web technology you want learn is: 


Created by Brendan Eich, JavaScript is used to make a web page interactive. It is actually reffered to as the programming language of the Web.
Now adopted by ECMA, JavaScript is the world most popular programming language.

The creation of JavaScript lead to the reaction of web page elements when an event happens or takes place. For example, clicking a button leads to something on the page changing or something popping up. That's JavaScript.

JavaScript is a must learn language for any developer.

Lately, JavaScript is now being used on the server-side of the Web, and it can also be used to build even desktop and mobile apps. It's a powerful language.

It is also inspired by so many Libraries and Frameworks which makes the language more and more useful.

Some of the frameworks includes:

• and much more.

I have also heard that JavaScript has a library for Artificial Intelligence.
Hmm, that's cool but it will be a topic we will handle next time.

You really want to master JavaScript but it shouldn't stop you from learning other web technologies from the back-end side of the Web.
JavaScript is a very broad language, I mean, you can learn it all your life.
Getting the fundamentals right the first time should be your goal.

You can also learn new features about it such as ES6, ES7 and ESnext features. If you want to focus on frontend development, spend most of your time learning JavaScript.

The more you know JavaScript, the better you become at building fast interactive web pages.

Let's continue

The next web web technologies you want to learn are:


PHP is a server-side programming language and it powers most of the  websites on the Web such as Facebook.

PHP means HyperText Preprocessor and it is used to communicate with the server which hosts the databases of your website.

MySQL on the other  is the tool used to manage databases (relational databases) of your website or application.

Using PHP and MySQL together to build web applications is a common tradition in web development but it should also be noted that each of them can also be used with other tools designed for purpose of database management and server-side programming respectively.

MySQL can only be used to manage databases that are relational or are in form of tables where each row has a primary key.

Getting PHP & MySQL running will require you to do software installation(s). The software(s) installed allows you to make your computer a local server. 

Some popular softwares for this purpose are:


These are the primary technologies of the Web. Learning them in the order at which I mentioned them is a good idea but that shouldn't stop you from experimenting with order technologies.

Exploring different technologies to see how they work is not a bad idea but try to stay focused on a particular tool or goal.

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