Let us talk briefly about Quality management system in Nigeria.

Infact lets take it up a notch, and rather talk about Total Quality management system(TQMS)in Nigeria.

TQMS is a system of management based on the principle that EVERY MEMBER OF STAFF  must be COMMITTED to maintaining HIGH STANDARDS of work in every aspect of a company's OPERATIONS.

TQMS heavily relies on Standard Operating Procedure(SOP).

Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) is simply a documented guide, on how an operation is conducted.

In TQMS, it is a requirement to adopt SOP in every single part of the organisation. 

Something as little as yanking a generator on would have an SOP

Some positions  like that  of Security guards, Cleaner, lab scientist, nurses, Doctors, lawyers, Human resources, CEO would have a set standard for eachb of  their responsibilities, tasks and processes.

No exceptions, when it comes to TQMS. Every process must have an SOP.

An SOP that sets the upper and the lower limits of each task, each procedure or each process.

In a TQMS driven organisation, there is bound to be INCIDENT REPORTS, from time to time.

Incident reports are managed using Corrective ACTION & Preventive ACTION(CAPA).

CORRECTIVE ACTIONS are actions taken to trouble shoot and solve a problem. It is often inffective in irreversible incidents. A reaction such as NEUTRALIZATION REACTION (Reaction of Acid and Alkaline resulting in Salt and water) . A corrective action is applicable in reversible reaction such as ESTERIFICATION REACTION(Reaction of Alkanol and Alkanoic acid).

Corrective actions simply are  salvageable method for a reported incident. 

PREVENTIVE ACTIONS are actions taken to prevent future re-occurrence. Preventive action can not erase damage resulting from an incident, but it sure can prevent a future repetition.

Another tool, in the toolbox of TQMS is continous improvement

CONTINOUS IMPROVEMENT involves yearly upgrade and update of the processes and their corresponding SOPs.

Sadly, TQMS are lacking in most private and public organisations in Nigeria.

It could be true for 90% of organisations in Nigeria to be working WITHOUT instalment of TQMS.

Standard Organisation of Nigeria(SON) is said to be redundant and almost inexistent.

It would be wise for each organisation to adopt one by itself. It could hire a licensing organisation such as ISO to help adopt such integral aspect of an institution or organisation.

It is worthy of note, that, TQMS does not come CHEAP.

It however improves service delivery and self importance.

Written by Mijnnaamis Oluwasegun 

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