What's the next best language to teach your kids

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The world has over ten thousan languages, each with it's unique dialect. It has become very difficult to choose which of these to teach our kids after  learning the local and national languages.

 In Nigeria alone, we have over 50 languages. Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo despite been the three major languages in the county, still have internal splits. Let's take Yoruba language for example. The Yoruba dialect spoken by people from Ondo State might sound funny to people from Oyo state, and vice versa. The same goes for the other two major Languages. You would be surprised to know that some Igbo words spoken by an Anambra person might not be understood, or even mean a different thing to the man from Imo State. So also, a Kano man might find it difficult to understand a Borno man when he speaks.

Languages are versatile and keep changing as far as man keeps exhibiting his biological characteristics of hearing and movement.
You will agree with me that English could be one of the simplest languages to learn and one of the most dynamic.

Have you ever tried learning how to speak Chinese? I did, but  I quit after biting my tongue thrice. It's said "Once beaten, twice shy" but I did it thrice.

There has been clamor to make the world a global place. Yes, a lot of inventions, discoveries and technology are already making the world a global place but Language and culture keeps being the barrier. Well, not anymore. If everyone can use a phone, browse using the internet and even create social media accounts to speak with other people who are far away and who do not understand his/her language, then I guess we are already in the global world.

But what has made all these possible? Coding.

Coding is the new universal language. Today, as a yoruba man, I dont really need to go through the stress of learning hausa just to understand what a friend post on facebook neither do I need to employ a translator just because of a mail sent by my foreign client in his own language (Spanish).
Facebook has made it all easy to translate from the person's language into a language I understand — English.

For the mail, all I need to do is to copy and paste the mail into mail Google translator and Voom! We close business.

Coding has made all these possible but it's not enough reason to learn how to code.

How many of your friends don't have phones or any gadget that connects to the internet? You probably would say none.

With mobile phones as the major medium of communication nowadays, it has become increasingly important to understand this medium so as to make the most use of it.
People communicate more with computers either directly or indirectly. From your chats, to searches and even bank transactions.
You all speak in codes.
The magic to then understand all languages is learning how to code. But how and where do you learn this?
Watch out for my next post.

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